Mozilla Developer Roadshow Series will be hosted in Hong Kong on 9/27 Wed at Credit Suisse office, please stay tuned on website for further details.

Mozilla Developer Roadshow Series will come to Asia in September, including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. Speakers will cover technologies, standards, tools and research topics for the Open Web, including:

  • Emerging Standards including WebAssembly, Service Workers
  • CSS Grid & Layout
  • Electrolysis (e10s)
  • Developer Tools, including Grid Inspector and Node Debugger
  • Game Development
  • Mozilla and Firefox
  • Open Source Workshop
  • Web Compatibility
  • Web Extensions
  • Web Security, including Let’s Encrypt and tracking protection
  • Web Games
  • Web VR
  • Quantum
  • Rust
  • Servo