Mozilla 15-year Open Web Party Hong Kong

Mozilla Hong Kong (MozHK) 是香港 Mozilla 社群。Mozilla 是一個支持網絡開放群體,首選以開放的 Firefox 瀏覽器來捍衛網絡選擇自由。「狐吉」是目前 MozHK 的吉祥物,由 Ronald Hung 設計,以 CC BY-NC-SA 授權發佈。

除了 MozHK 網站 外,亦歡迎大家加入以下公佈及討論用的網上媒體:Mozilla HK Facebook 專頁Mozilla HK 討論群組 (Facebook)香港 Firefox 討論群組 (Facebook)Mozilla HK 一般討論 (Google Groups)

(English Intro)

Mozilla Hong Kong (MozHK) is a Mozilla community in Hong Kong. Mozilla project is a global community of people who believe that openness, innovation, and opportunity are key to the continued health of the Internet. The “Lucky Fox” (狐吉, which pronounce as “Wu Kat” in Cantonese) is the logo and mascot of MozHK, which is designed by Ronald Hung, licensed in CC BY-NC-SA license.